How to use IBDataset with a DataModule

1 .- a Cree First Data Module, which will contain all components DB (querys, tables etc.). Ok
2 .- in the data block put the IBDataBase which will be used solely to be used throughout your application (the only other non habra ok)
3. Module in the same data (DataModule) put the IBQuerys the IBUpdates and IBTransaction .. OK
in IBQuery.SQL there you can put your select * from table (eye code but not under the inspector objects) ok.
4 .- then put the IBUpdateSQL connected to that query ok ..
5 .- then add your form unity Module data you created, so that they can gain access to components put in DataModule ok. (Uses name of the unit)
6 .- as you put the following components:
DataSource which connects to the IBQuery ok, then put a DBEdit this connect to the DataSource and then select the field you want to display in DBEdit (DataSource properties and DataField respectively)
7. There are other components as DBGrid and DBNavigator lso which connect like the DBEdit ok.
Well this is Oriented Programming to objects and thus do not have to do this to me mention:
With IBDataset1 do
SelectSQL.Add ( 'Select *');
SelectSQL.Add ( 'FROM products');
SelectSQL.Add ( 'where Name =' + Combobox1.Text);
Edit1.Text: = FloatToStr (IBDataset1.Fields.Fields [3]. AsFloat);