Opening and closing a Database from Delphi

In the BDE, the Database is closed for you when you exit the program. This is not so with the InterBase Express components.
The solution is to have a IBDatabase1.close statement in the Form.OnClose event (or similar). If you forget to close the Database explicitly, it stays "open". If you try to open a database that is already open, using the TIBDatabase component, you get an error message. The solution is always to check with the database is open before opening it
(eg. of Delphi : if not (IBTransaction1.connected) then; ) and closed before closing it (eg. of Delphi : if (IBTransaction1.connected) then IBTransaction1.close; - Note that when you close a database, the Transaction and any other component "connected" to that Database is also disconnected for you, whether you intended it or not.)