Tarjeta controladora y tarjeta de desarrollo

DelphiController y DelphiDevBoard es un controlador de dispositivos y una tarjeta de desarrollo que permiten practicar la programación de sistemas embebidos y microcontroladores. Se proporcionan plantillas, compilador compatible en Pascal y un entorno de depuración y desarrollo basado en un IDE standard. (Delphi, FreePascal)
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M324D40 DelphiCPU
A programmed AtMega324 40 pin dual in line controller chip measuring
50 x 17 x 4 mm. This chip contains all basic computer parts like :
- 32 kBytes Flash memory for program storage
- 2 kByte RAM for variables
- 32 general purpose registers
- 1 kByte of EeRom for non - volatile storage
- a hardware multiplier for fast mathematics
- a clock oscillator able to run up to 20 MHz.
The chip also contains a set of input and output peripherals like :
- JTAG interface for real-time debugging
- 3 timer counters with interrupts for a system clock and delays
- 6 PWM channels which can be used for motor speed and direction
- 8 analog to digital converters 10 Bit with 1x, 10x and 200x amplifiers
for interfacing with analog sensors, voltages and potentiometers
- I2C interface for expanding the number of peripherals
- Watchdog timer for automatic reset when a failure is detected
- Analog comparator for accurate level detection
- 32 programmable digital in- and output lines for lamps, switches,
LCD, TCP/IP etc.
4 KByte of the 32 KByte flash is reserverved and
preprogrammed with the:
- OS : an operating system implementing a system clock, starting of
servers and user applications
- BIOS : I/O drivers for EeRom and standard hardware
- Hardware test : standard hardware test application
- M485A server : monitor for RAM and EeRom including a Flash
programmer for user applications
- I/O server : synchronized I/O with RAM records

Anton J. Vogelaar

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